Unity Board

Lenny Lam


Major: Graphic Design

Catch Phrase: "Don't worry about it."

Eric Chan

Internal Vice President/Intern Chair

Major: Civil Engineer

Minor: Business

Catch Phrase: "Fck it."

Kevin Ha


Major: Nutrition Science

Minor: Culinology

Catch Phrase: "Are we Gucci?"

Emilie Tangsavath

Public Relations

Major: Marketing

Catch Phrase: "Oh my gosh."

Samuel Quiamas

Academic Mentorship Chair

Major: Kinesiology

Catch Phrase: "Aw F**k."

Vinnie Wong

Co-Events Coordinator

Major: International Business and Marketing

Catch Phrase: "What up son."

Michelangelo Barbic

Master of Media

Major: Graphic Design

Catch Phrase: "Hoi minoy."

Jenny Thai


Major: Communications

Catch Phrase: "Does that make sense?"

Andrew Trinidad

External Vice President/ICC Representative

Major: Microbiology

Catch Phrase: "Oh my god little."


Edward Bui


Major: Computer Engineer

Catch Phrase: "HOH yeah strawberries."


CRistine Chou

Culture Night Director

Major: Agribusiness and Food Industry Management

Catch Phrase: "Esscue me."

Steven Nguyen

Co-Events Coordinator

Major: Marketing

Catch Phrase: "I swear I'm not trolling right now."

Angie Flete


Major: Graphic Design

Catch Phrase: "Yikes."