Vietnamese Dance Crew

VDC (Vietnamese Dance Crew) was created in 2008 by James Dang and Sylvie La. The team was created to bring passionate individuals together to learn how to dance, and improve on skills as dancers. As the years have gone by the team has grown tremendously since it was first introduced, with many older members returning and many new members coming in, bringing a fresh "flavor" to the mix of talented dancers on the team. But this is more than just a team, it is one big giant loving family that always support each other no matter what happens. 

We give it all our blood, sweats, and tears making sure we are entertaining the crowd to the fullest and we have fun at the same time! We are an open team where you don't need to audition to join and we welcome all styles of dance!


Team Chant:
"Give me a V! V!
Give me a C! C!
Give me a D! D!
Who are we?! VDC!
What do we want?!
Cake, Cake, Cake"

Vietnamese Culture Night Performance

Vietnamese Dance Crew performs as the closer for our annual Vietnamese Culture Night. 

CPP VSA's Annual Showdown

Performing as the closing set for CPP VSA's Annual Dance Competition: Showdown, VDC proves that they're just as good as any other competitive team. 




Chris Huynh


Miguel Cuyugan